3DFrame for Webex

Make Webex Meetings immersive and bring products to life. Vection Technologies' 3DFrame Embedded App for Webex allows you to bring participants into a virtual environment for more engaging experiences.

Bring 3DFrame into Webex

Webex Meetings’ content brought to life in 3D and VR.

Extend your Webex meeting into a 3D world of your own creation. Interact, educate, and collaborate in an engaging virtual environment.


One Click Launch.

Launch 3D environments without ever leaving your meeting. Simply select the 3DFrame app from the Embedded App tray right inside your Webex meeting to take your participants into the 3D environment of your design.


No-code 3D World Creation.

Download Vection Technology’s powerful app and create next-generation 3D presentations collaboratively or independently. For any team and any use case, build your virtual environment within a simple, no-code platform.