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What Is High Myopia?

Half of a medical test glasses for high myopia with negative 15 diopters. This optician instrument contains three lenses on it

Have you ever had trouble seeing distant objects clearly, even with glasses or contacts? If so, you may have high myopia. Myopia, also known as nearsightedness occurs when the shape of your eye causes light to focus incorrectly on your retina, resulting in blurry vision for distant objects. But what is high myopia? High myopia, […]

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Why Do My Eyes Feel Strained When Wearing Contacts?

A woman sitting at her desk her with her down in her hand due to eye strain and pain

Eye strain is common for many people, especially when wearing contact lenses. You can experience eye strain when wearing contacts for many reasons, including digital eye strain. If eye strain is a common experience for you, what’s the possible cause?  Continue reading to learn more about eye strain, including what it is and what can […]

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